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Help & FAQ | Passengers

For which type of travels can I use the service?

For your daily commutes or long distance travels anywhere in Canada or in the United States.


How to find a driver and book a seat?

Search for available rides by entering your point of departure and your destination. You will need to be registered and connected to your profile in order to book a seat on the desired ride.

Long distance carpool (with reservation): Book a seat on a ride and pay online with a credit or a debit card. Once your online seat booking is completed, Ridesharing.com will send you a confirmation code by email and text message. You will then have the opportunity to make contact by phone with the driver to arrange the last details of the ride such as the exact meeting point, preferences, etc.

Daily commute and short distance carpool (without reservation): Contact the driver free of charge through the messaging service to ask for a seat on the ride and to make an arrangement for the carpool (cost of the ride, alternate driving, meeting point, etc.).

* Important! If you have an emergency that forces you to cancel your seat booking, please make sure to consult the cancellation policy.


How much cost the booking fees?

The passenger has to pay the booking fees due to Ridesharing.com plus the amount of money asked by the driver as a contribution for the ride for each seats aboard the vehicle.

Travel distance
Booking fees charged by Ridesharing.com
Before taxes
Including chargeable taxes (GST and QST)
Daily commute and short distances
No fees to contact drivers
under 47 miles
from 47 miles to 203 miles
from 203 miles to 406 miles
from 406 miles to 625 miles
from 625 miles to 938 miles
from 938 miles to 1250 miles
over 1250 miles

The use of a promo code allows only a discount on the booking fee. Unless otherwise specified, the total amount requested by the driver must be paid by the passenger.

Booking fee currencies: Booking fees are charged in Canadian dollar (CAD) for users with a billing address located in Canada or France. US dollar (USD) currency applies for users with billing address located in any other country or territory.


How much will be the contribution of money requested by the drivers?

The contribution requested by drivers is variable and proportional to the distance of the ride. This contribution must be fair and just according to the fuel consumption of the vehicle as well as the vehicle user fees, tolls, parking, and others.


How to contact a driver offering a short distance ride?

For rides where online seat booking is not required, you only have to click on a member to send him a message.


How to cancel a seat booking?

Login to your profile, go to My seat bookings section and use the function to cancel your reservation. Communicate by phone as soon as possible with your driver to inform him. For more details on the terms which apply to ride cancellations, please consult the cancellation policy.


Learn more about the legality of carpooling

It's absolutely legal to carpool. For more details on carpool legality, please consult this section.


Which information about me will remain confidential?

The only public information is the name, photo (optional), gender, age, and type of vehicle in the case of a driver. Contact information (phone number and email address) will be sent to the driver after a booking. Birth date, banking and payment information remain confidential at all times.


Does the identity of registered users is verified?

The email addresses of all users are validated at registration and some users have also validated their mobile phone number. Drivers licenses are not validated since this verification provides a false sense of safety between carpoolers. It only gives information as to whether or not the permit has been paid at the moment of verification. This means that a driver could lose his license the day following the verification and still be identified as having a valid permit until the next verification. Furthermore, this validation does not provide information about the driving record of the driver.


Payment methods accepted

You will have to pay with a credit or debit card the fees charged by Ridesharing.com and the amount of money asked by the driver as a contribution for the ride. Ridesharing.com will transfer the contribution in the driver's account once the ride is confirmed completed. You will not have to pay any cash amount of money to the driver during the ride.

American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Interac


What is the confirmation code?

A confirmation code will be sent to you once the booking is confirmed. Provide this code to the driver during the ride, so he can retrieve the amount of money asked for the ride.


Basic rules for a great carpool ride

Once your booking is completed, quickly contact the driver to arrange the last details of the ride such as the exact meeting point, preferences, etc. Make sure to be at the meeting point 5 minutes ahead and provide your confirmation code to the driver. Throughout the trip, follow the established rules and standard norms of conduct.


Is there a minimum age to participate in Ridesharing.com?

Users must be at least 16 years old to register. A driver may also request that its passengers are aged at least 18 or 21 years old. This also applies in the case of additional passengers. For example, a person of 32 years with a 10 years old kid would not be able to book a ride where the driver requests a minimum of 18 years old.


What is the maximum size allowed for pets?

Drivers choose to accept or not pets. These must however be of a reasonable size. Make sure to discuss this matter with the driver right after the booking is completed.


How long before the departure of a ride can it be booked?

Rides in instant booking mode can be booked up to an hour before departure, while rides in manual approval mode can be booked up to two hours and a half before departure.


What is Instant booking and Manual approval mode?

Instant booking mode: Once payment is completed, the seat booking is immediately confirmed.

Manual approval mode: After payment, the driver has to accept manually the seat booking request to confirm the booking.


Can I carpool to cross the border?

It is possible to carpool to cross the border, however Ridesharing.com requests all passengers to meet the following requirements:


What are the public questions to the driver?

Public questions allow passengers to exchange with the driver before booking a ride. These questions may request clarification on the point of departure, destination, stops on the way, the route used, etc. The content must be reviewed by the customer service before being visible to all members. All questions including personal information, price negotiation and inappropriate content will be rejected. After booking is completed, the passenger will receive personal contact information of the driver.

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