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You are a member of Blablacar in Europe? Sign up on in Canada and the USA

European travelers are used to the joys of ridesharing for long distance trips. On the other side of the ocean, is in a way the Blablacar of Canada & USA.

Travelling long distance by car and bus is generally more expensive in North America than in Europe. For this reason, is the solution of choice for travelers from abroad who want to travel around in North America.

All the features are in place so that regular members and one-time travelers rideshare all across Canada and the United States with trust and simplicity.

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Booking and online payment for a reliable service

For rides in booking mode, passengers must book and pay for their seat online. Drivers can then get their money by bank transfer or Paypal

In order to post a ride offer, drivers must provide a phone number from Canada or the United States. This allows the customer service team to be able to reach members quickly in case of last minute changes. Passengers, however, are not subject to this.

Trustworthy members

Members can choose their rideshare with the help of several trust criteria:

Bio: Members can provide a short bio to introduce themselves to the whole network of

Rating: When a rideshare is completed, members can rate each others on a 5 stars rating system. The average is then displayed on a ride offer.

Comments: Comments left by other members are displayed on the ride offer.

Piece of I.D.: Members can provide a piece of ID to increase the level of trust towards other members. Their ride offer is then displayed with a green checkmark.

Status of a driver: A status (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) is given to drivers depending on the number of passenger already transported.

Cross country rideshare in Canada and USA

Cross-country rideshare is very popular in Canada and USA. Make sure to plan your trip ahead if you want to travel for long distance. A public question feature allows passenger to send a question to drivers prior to booking a ride. This helps passenger to learn more about stops on the way and other details.

If you are looking to share a ride, take a look at some of our destinations or use the search bar to make a search:

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And many more!

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